Monday, 13 January 2014

Flat White, Berwick St, London

There was a stark contrast between the cold, grey and rainy London outside, and the bright primary coloured walls, with Beatles songs and the bustle of conversations in the background. 

Espresso - the volume was a double. There's a slight syrupy mouthfeel, and despite the volume, it doesn't feel watered down. A medium dark crema tells me that the beans are fresh. It's acidic but not hugely so, the aftertaste fades quickly, and gives rise to a more earthy flavour, but something's off - there's a noticeable aftertaste with each sip. Small, very fine particles of ground coffee in the shot are responsible - it's possible that the grind size in the grind size is responsible. I didn't finish the shot, which is rare. 

Latte - dark crema topped off with nice latte art, but some larger bubbles are present in some of the drinks, causing the foam to come apart, which affects the mouthfeel. There is very little smoothness imparted by the foam - although it is a latte so that's not what we are looking for. After a while, the foam falls apart entirely - steaming technique is not quite there.

The Piccollo latte suffers from excess acidity, it's quite sour, and the potency is not apparent through the sour taste. 

Overall it's not terrible but it does need work - fix the grind size and the acidity and this could be very good indeed. The potential is certainly there, the intent is there, the execution is slightly off though. It's a pity, because the effort that has been made is obvious, as is the potential for a hidden gem of a cafe.

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