Sunday, 16 June 2013

Habitat Coffee

Located along Thomson Road, Habitat has been quietly serving up shots since 2011. A friend had previously raised concerns about the roasting process - the coffee that result had unpleasant burnt flavours, associated with over roasted beans. This was not evident on my visit however, and seems to have been resolved. Instead, a young and enthusiastic crew are serving up interesting shots in the centre of the island. 

Ristretto - the volume is fine, with a small amount of concentrated coffee beneath a medium brown crema. It's a potent shot, with woody or earthy characteristics, where the initial burst of concentrated flavour gives rise to an aftertaste that fades out slowly. The mouthfeel and consistency are interesting - in some quality shots, the mouthfeel is almost syrupy, and certainly more viscous than an equivalent volume of water. The effect is much more pronounced in this instance, and it certainly worth trying. 

Cappuccino - the ristretto shot above was combined with smooth microfoam to produce a hybrid of smoothness and potency. The coffee flavour is not lost or drowned out by excessive milk, and the addition of latte art is a nice finishing touch. It's a competently executed coffee, however the mouthfeel is a little loose - the texture is more liquid than smooth. This is by no means something that can't be fixed, and it's still a quality coffee. 


There are a variety of brewing methods available - aeropress, syphon and pourover coffees are available, so that a number of different preferences can be catered for. Ristretto shots are available, which is something that I always like to see on a menu. Apart from being a more concentrated and potent shot, it demonstrates that the staff have a good understanding of the process of extraction that makes a good shot.

With a cappuccino and ristretto proced at $7.40, this is cheaper than equivalent drinks at franchise chains, and is certainly a better overall product. Habitat can be added to the list of cafes serving well executed coffees.

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